Facing down the Sandinistas

An interesting story out of Nicaragua. I think there are a few piriquacos on the forumosa; perhaps they would be interested in what ol’ Danny “Its Not Rape if You’re my Daughter” Ortega is doing these days.
Enrique Bolanos is the 77 yr old elected president of Nicaragua.

[quote]Facing down the Sandinistas
By Enrique Bolanos

On Tuesday, April 26, in Managua, Nicaragua, I approached, face-to-face, a crowd violently protesting a 3-cent increase in the public bus fare – a rise triggered by the recent world oil price surge.
There had already been four days of violent street demonstrations centered around three national universities and orchestrated by the Sandinistas. Private buses and government vehicles had been burned and several policemen injured, two of them seriously. Public transportation had been paralyzed for several days and smoke from protesters burning tires in the streets wafted above the city, and the long-gone violent days of our history were remembered by our people.
The demonstrations were a carefully crafted trap designed to lure the government into overreacting in the use of force so it could be accused of human-rights violations and incompetence in solving the energy crisis. The outlines of the trap started to become clear when I convened a national round table to find ways to ease the effect of the oil price increase. The president of the Universities Council and the students delegate (both Sandinistas) refused to participate in the discussions. Instead, they were outside, heading the violent rallies.b[/b]
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