Factory tour


I wonder if there are a list of factories which are open for factory tours. I am not interested in museum but by manufacturing facilities.
If you have done so, which one are the most interesting ?



You’ll find Google to be most helpful in your search


The Kavalan Distillery has a tour. It’s a bit boring, but you’ll get a glass of whisky afterwards.


Those factory tours are mostly pointless and a waste of money…most of them aren’t even factory tours, just renovated space with booths selling things completely irrelevant to the once glorious factory.

Anyway… some recommendations for u:


The towel factory tour is nice and for such a subject, entertaining.

Soap factories let you DIY.

There is a cluster of tour factories in Tainan. Pretty cool.


Thanks to all, I was more interested by innovative Taiwan hi-tech companies like semiconductors, computers…


Most of those are very protective of their manufacturing technology. Tried to organise some visits a couple of years ago and even with connections that proved quite difficult.


We went to one in Innovech organized by our college.


I did that one soooo long time ago…


I wouldn’t mind to do a factory tour in a Giant factory. If they have small gifts like carbon fiber frames, then great.


In the past I helped organize some tours for outsiders to visit the factory at my computer company. Key problem is security. Any factory lines producing equipment on ODM basis for customers is off limit (except with special permission by customer).
Other problem is just the hassle of finding a manager with time to get visitors outfitted with right apparel and to slowly walk through the factory and do explanation. These guys are busy and even if I gave the tour they must be involved.


Thanks to all.
Too bad, it does not look so good in Taiwan. in Japan and the US, there are awesome tours, maybe Taiwan is not ready for that yet.


Shoe factory tours in Kaohsiung, good for your “sole”


I think their manufacturing is all in China now.


There are tours…for buyers.


Not all, I think.