Fake wedding priests...in TW?

So this is on my mind, and doesn’t quite fit this thread (or Teaching in TW either…but should be Jobs in TW), but:

Just like in Japan and Korea, are there fake priests doing weddings here? Just curious.

Fake judges perhaps too

Then there’s hope.

The word “fake” is quite unusual. Adjectives usually qualify the noun that follows them: the set of green cars is a subset of the set of cars, the set of stupid twats a subset of the set of twats etc. But if you hear the sentence “Sid is a fake policeman”, the only thing you can be absolutely certain about Sid is that he is not a policeman.

In Taiwan, I’ve met one or two girls who weren’t really, but I can’t imagine why someone would impersonate a priest.

I was the marriage celebrant for a couple last year at their request (good friends of mine), but I didn’t impersonate a priest. As I understood what was explained to me, the law was supremely disinterested in my role in the entire proceedings, and for the couple concerned my function was spiritual rather than civil (I’m not a priest, but I’m what would be considered a lay pastor, at a local Taiwanese church).

I have a friend in Japan who enjoys a lucrative side gig as a hoary bearded and sufficiently patriarchal looking religious marriage totem (though at least he’s religious), but I’ve never heard of such a thing here in Taiwan.

Ditto. :sunglasses: :angel:

Ditto. :sunglasses: :angel:[/quote]

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Yeah I did one of those gigs too. As an Assistant Prof at a relatively crap private university, I was I suppose the Most Important Person at the wedding. There was a lot of stuff to read out, and I copied most out in Pinyin but not all. So had to stop and give up in the middle. Nobody seemed to mind though and I gather it was all still valid.

(They’re divorced now)

People marry in a restaurant with all the family stuff and presents and cars with red bands on it.
All you can have is a fake waitress. :laughing: (they register later at city hall or whatever)

Some marry in court, those who want to safe on money, do not have the parent’s agreement or are laowais.

See, I know it all… :liar:

Many sentons ago, I was a fake priest doing weddings all over Kansai. Literally, all over the freaking place! I only did it for a year but a year was enough. Thing was, I made really mad money at it.

I’m not asking from the platform of trying it in Taiwan but was curious if the phenomenon had crossed shores. Looks like not.

I can understand why my mate in Japan is so popular (he’s sufficiently venerable looking, with a good big pepper and salt beard which would lend gravity and sobriety to any event), but I’m amazed by the cash he hauls off with.