Fake / wild taro

So I was on duty today clearing out those trails that need some maintenance. This time I didn’t have any stick for destroying branches and plants on my way, so I had to break that stupid fake taro gigantic plant bare hands.

I knew that it was toxic / “poisonous”, so you shouldn’t eat it, but I didn’t know that that juicy branch full of water wasn’t full of water but of some shit that itches so bad.

So just for your information, if you are ever clearing out trails from branches and stuff, don’t touch these things with your hands:

I didn’t know they are poisonous.

Do you have these in Taiwan?


Where, and how did you get that duty? Sounds like fun.

Let me clarify that:


I wish I had a machete. Wanted to buy some camping/mountain/survival knife but I never could justify the purchase so I never did it. Now I see the light and I will be soon slaying those green motherfuckers.


Hahahahaha. Ya, should have listened to the local hikers. Everyone here knows that. Silly guy. But they arent wild taro. We do have real wild taro here, which is edible. Not to be confused.

There are good machetes here. Also lots of shit ones. If youre going straight edge they make a wonderful i have used for years and swear by them. Made from old truck leaf springs. Tell the shop that and “used by aboriginals to slit wild pig throats”. They are pretty much thebmost sturdy useful mahete you can buy. Goes by inch, 9 is useless 15 is bulky. 12 inch is awesome for mountain and farm work and fairly cheap. About 900 to 1300 depending on where you live.

You can go banana knife style too. But harder to sheath and hike. And sharpen. Throat slitter is the all around work horse. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

The only issue is if you are bending it lots they will stress and break. But the others break far quicker under same workload.

You can clear an acre of those aroid bastards in a few hours easy with these things. Can also slap down a good 4" thick shrub. Great knives

I’ve fallen into that trap before. Breaking of leaves to act as umbrellas when caught in a rainstorm. Evil shit.