Famous Bikini Hiker dies from injuries in a fall in Taiwan

From Taiwan, never heard about her.

From a Russian news source.

Will this improve her online presence?

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Read a good comment about this in the Southern Taiwan Hiking FB group.

Seems she was quite experienced, but didn’t prepare adequately for the hike. Also went alone without mountain permits.

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Was she actually hiking in bikini though? I’ve seen many photos of her hiking with regular clothes, so I’ve always assumed she put on the bikini outfit just for the pics.


I would bet that she doesn’t actually do the climbing in a bikini, but rather stops and changes for photo ops.

EDIT: Ibis beat me to it.

For safety concerns, in the past few years I’ve decided to stop doing solo mountain hikes for the most part, unless they’re “tourist-friendly” trails. This woman was much younger and more experienced than I am, but taking a partner might have saved her.

Really sad story. Apparently she called her friend for help with her location on Saturday, but rescue couldn’t get to her location for 48 hours.

What was her story exactly? News reports said she pent 130 days hiking in 2018, which including planning means she was almost doing this full time. How was she funding it?

She didn’t freeze to death. She died from injuries from a 30 meter fall. It’s dangerous in those mountains, be careful out there, don’t do off-trail. Friend of mine did just that and fell into a ravine, will likely never climb again.

Another Darwin Award nominee?

Here’s her public FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GigiWu.BGN

It including the last picture taken on Jan18th - the day before her fall. The mountain she was on looks very treacherous.

Her hiking pictures are stunning! I wonder why she even bothered with the bikini stuff - cheapens her achievements I think…

Just an accident. Be kind.


Actually she likely died of hypothermia so the “freeze to death” headlines aren’t necessarily wrong…

She also couldn’t move her lower body due to the fall, which prevented her from finding a shelter, leaving her exposed to the elements without food or water for over 48 hours.

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Looking at her FB page she was obviously a bit of a risk taker, there’s images of her cut up legs from a previous fall.

That’s how you get insta-famous in Taiwan. Show a bit of skin and be somewhat good looking.

Just look at 17Live. They don’t even have any substantial things to contribute and yet…

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Sad story that didn’t need to happen. Don’t think of Taiwan’s high mountains as a joke because they are not. And accidents do happen. She wasn’t climbing in her bikini in this cold weather up there was she?

Maybe she was posing and fell? Something that has happened to many online posters. To get that perfect shot !

Can’t we get together some drone tech to ferry emergency supplies to these people? Even just a thermal blanket could have made a difference. Seems their current tech isn’t up to the job.

Same problem with how they protect the forests. Thousand year old trees being hacked up.
Need to do better with the tech industry in Taiwan .


She posted her itinerary on her FB on Dec 24th and 26th. Her fatal hike was for 25 days.

Interestingly in a comment on another post, a person argues that a female shouldn’t go mountain climbing solo for 25 days. She disagreed saying lots of people hike alone in Taiwan, and that she will set up camp and wait it out if the weather turns bad.

So I guess she was prepared, camp gear and all, but when she fell, she could not move and get back to her equipment?

from her request for help to her friends using her phone, it reads like she wasn’t able to move her lower body.