Fancy dress costumes / shops

Are there any shops in Taipei where I can find an outfit for a fancy dress party? Alternatively, are there any second hand clothing shops or anything like that?

Try ximending. Facing Tower records, go down the road to the far left (can’t remember the name). There are a few fancy dress shops around there on the left-hand side. Also try the night markets for cheap, ridiculous clothes.

Ximending. Right past the police station, there’s an entire street of them.
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don’t know if this is what you are looking for but also in hsimending there are a bunch of shops upstairs in the old dept store/mall/movie theater building across the walkway/alley from the defunct lai lai dept store, the alley where the papaya milk store is. we’re talking taiwanese night club singer stupid fancy here, so be bewarned :slight_smile: