Fanless mini pc

And when I say mini, I mean MINI, raspberry pi size or a bit bigger, running on 12v.

I’m checking ruten and facebook but I’m not super convinced by what I see.

400 has everything build into the keyboard. Pretty neat.

Depends on your use case. Most of those mini PC’s run Linux.

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Nice, but I think I’m going to steer off Raspberries… overpriced in Taiwan and I think for this small project I’m going to need Windows.

I’m liking this thingy:

I don’t think I need more than 4GB of RAM.

EDIT: for a bit more of money you get double the RAM and storage… hmmmm

I got this one recently, shipped from USA east coast to here in 4 days I think.

Intended usage is CCTV setup and HTPC. Seems fine even if it is as chinese as they come.

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Seems pretty decent but I worry about transcoding 4K HDR to 2K SDR with proper tone mapping. Have you tried it yet?

It’s not for a Plex server :slight_smile:

Basically I want a light, headless computer that I can remotely access to control some stuff.

Yeah, I saw that one earlier today, but not in Ruten. That’s very much what I’d like to get in terms of shape, but I also want it to be as cheap as possible.

Did you get taxed up? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to be a drop shipping shop :roll_eyes:

Maybe I need to drop by GuanHua.

Just some preemptive fee deposit. They didn’t return any part of it yet. Nothing taken upon arrival.


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Well, it’s not too bad. I’ll try to source it locally, but it’s an option. Out of curiosity, what use do you make out of it?

I use it to watch the cat while I’m away with a couple of webcams.

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What are you trying to do specifically?

I bought this from Shopee and installed Proxmox with PFSense VM:
[全新現貨] J4125迷你電腦 迷你主機/工控電腦/軟路由/虛擬機/OpenWRT/愛快/ESXi/省電

The link did not work, so I am just copying the description. It is not completely headless though. Once you install something that does not need a screen it will boot headless, but you need a monitor to install something. Or you can prepare a boot device on another PC first. You need to add your own memory and boot device, ping me if you want to know what I got.

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Nice… but I don’t know if I need so many RJ45 ports xD

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