(Frequently Asked Rhetorical Questions)

The answers to many common rhetorical questions can be found here. Please browse this page and make sure your particular rhetorical question has not already been answered before asking it.

Q. What part of the word “no” didn’t you understand?
A. Actually the word “no” has only one part. And I understand it completely. My persistence has nothing to do with a lack of understanding. Jackass.

Q. Do you expect me to believe that?
A. My expectations have no relevance here. I am simply stating the facts as I understand them. Pindick.

Q. Why do I get stuck with all the losers?
A. Because of your shitty haircut.

Q. Hot enough for you?
A. Yes it is. My body’s requirement for heat is being met, perhaps even exceeded. Now that I think about it, it’s actually quite a bit hotter than I would prefer. But I’m getting off track here. You only asked if it was hot enough for me, and to that, my answer is yes. A resounding yes.

Q. How many times do I have to tell you?
A. That is impossible to determine without the benefit of hindsight. I suggest we avoid even attempting to predetermine how many times you have to tell me. Simply tell me as many times as it takes to achieve your desired result, and then the answer to your question will be self-evident.

Q. Who’s asking?
A. Rocko.

Q. How much do you love me right now?
A. You got tickets?!! God, I called every place in town! They said “O” is sold out for five months! What did you do, blow the concierge or something? Hey, what’s that look for? Geez I make one little joke. Meanwhile I have to listen to you sing that awful Kenny Rogers song every time I get up from a Blackjack table. This is not the weekend I had in mind. I’m sorry. You know what? My blood sugar must be really low. Can we get a bagel or something?

Q. What will they think of next?
A. The next thing they will think of is a way to clone chicken eggs, which will reduce the cost of store-bought eggs by taking the chicken completely out of the loop.

Q. Was that a promise or a threat?
A. It was a threat. Albeit, an empty one. But not as empty as your half-assed challenge to it. Fuckwit.

Q. Who would fuck him?
A. Any person who finds him sufficiently attractive or compelling. Or a whore.

Q. Could you be any stupider?
A. No. I am as stupid, or for that matter, as smart, as I can possibly be. Of course, I am capable of learning, in which case I will become more knowledgeable. I could suffer brain damage, in which case I would become less aware. But my basic intelligence level is more or less set. Pompous fuck.

Q. Working hard or hardly working?
A. Don’t give me that fake camaraderie, you glad-handing jack-off. I’m working and you’re pretending to be like me by asking that pointless question. You’re probably going to bill someone for the time you spent on this non-conversation. Moron.

Q. What the hell do you know about butyrylcholinesterase K variants?
A. A lot more than Gandys and Schoefield, that’s for sure. I was on the original team that determined the frequency of the BCHE-K genotype in the first place, so don’t be so quick to judge. Asswipe.

Q. How bad am I?
A. Superbad, my man. Superbad.

Q. How fucking hard is it to make a good tv show?
A. Really hard.

Add your own. It’s fun.


The above was shamelessly stolen from the website/blog of a member of the Screenwriter Guild who is currently on strike.

His blog is The Negro Space Program blog.

This name come from the historic website with the video of the The Old Negro Space Program.

Why bother?

Why bother?[/quote]
Somebody p*ss in your oatmeal?

Or is that a FARQ of its ownself?

Should I crack open another brew?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Somebody p*ss in your oatmeal?[/quote]

Oats are for horses. Do I look like a FARQing horse?

How the FARQ would I know?