Fast Food places in Taiwan

I’d like to know, upon visiting Taiwan, what are the best fast food places to go and visit-ones I can go to and not have to spend a whole lot of money?

Do they have anything like McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King in Taiwan? Please let me know and thank you. :smiley:

the wolf wrote:

There are tonnes of Mc Dees in Taiwan. KFC is very common too. No Wendy’s that I know of, and Burger King is limited to a few stores. Taiwan also has Pizza Hut (but is a bit expensive by comparison).
The larger cities have Subway.
By far, the most common type of burger joint is actually breakfast store style place. They are found everywhere and open from early until 11am or a little later. They sell a range of burgers and sandwiches. Although the food will be different to what you are used to, they are very cheap.

as with most countries in the world the fastest, best and cheapest food is the street food. Just point at what you fancy. It’s fun

You could also live of 7-11 or any other of the million convenience stores …

And…let’s not forget the icon of Taiwanese fast food, the scourge of McD, standing almost as tall as Taipei 101…MOS Burger!

Nah…on second thought…stick to the breakfast places.

P.S. Welcome to Taiwan mate.

There is no fast-food in Taiwan. It is very primative here. We kill and eat everything the same day.

What the others said.

Also, there are hundreds of stores all over selling lunch boxes for anything between NT$50 and NT$ ??, depending on the style and quality. Then there is also some eateries offering buffet-style meals where you go in, dish up what you want (once only), pay, and eat. I really fill up my plate and I have never paid more that NT$90.

I have yet to meet a single Taiwanese who doesn’t like eating. Taiwanese live to eat, so the local eateries are reasonably priced, especially since the competition between them is so fierce. Too expensive, and people simple go to the one (almost) next door that is cheaper. :bow:

That being said, I have to add that the local food is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Don’t forget all the cheap dumpling and steamed bun places and of course the night markets which have everything from really tasty food to rather bizarre and nasty things. You have to be a bit like that guy on Discovery Channel, “If it looks good, eat it”, but even he couldn’t muster the local stinky tofu :smiley:

If you like rice, I recommend Yoshinoya and Formosa Chang’s, both are fast and cheap and a lot more sanitary than the street foods.

We stay away from any street vendors. Do not trust the cleanliness. Most people we know that eat regularly at these places get sick frequently. Go to McDonalds, Subway, Burger King for fast food. We have our favorite dumplings places and beef noodle soup. Rest of the time eat at home.

I’ve eaten at street vendors for 20 years, as have most of the people I know. Only time I got sick here was in a Japanese restaurant eating a meal that cost more than NT$5,000.
Nothing wrong with street vendor food, IMO.

You’d really miss out if you stayed away from the street stuff.

I’ve been sick occasionally, but not enough to make me think twice. You just have to use your common sense; shellfish that have been under glass in direct sunlight all day probably aren’t going to be OK. Places where nobody else is going probably aren’t the best.

Sandman, that wasn’t the food, it was the bad hygiene of the nude girl it was served on top that cause that… :wink:

This is a joke, I don’t know anybody who has ever been sick after eating at a street stall. Certainly I wouldn’t eat at everyone but there are literally thousands to choose from. If you don’t try it you’ll be missing out on a big part of Taiwan and learning about another culture. You’ll certainly get sick from eating McD’s and BK everyday though.

Of course, there’s nothing that screams good health like limiting yourself to Burger King and Mackie Ds! :laughing:

The whole street food is dangerous thing is one of the biggest furphies going. I seriously can’t fathom where the hell people that think this are coming from. I mean, the fundamental premise is that somehow Taiwanese, and everyone else who eats this supposedly lethal stuff either don’t care, or are somehow immune. Essentially it’s quite a racist assumption.


[quote=“Bad Mandarin”]And…let’s not forget the icon of Taiwanese fast food, the scourge of McD, standing almost as tall as Taipei 101…MOS Burger!

Nah…on second thought…stick to the breakfast places.

P.S. Welcome to Taiwan mate.[/quote]

MOS Burger FTW!

um… Mos Burger is Japanese, buddy.

I’ve never once gotten sick from eating street vendor food in Taiwan. I got sick once at a xiaochi many years ago (but have eaten at hundreds of xiaochi since then), and once at a pricy Japanese restaurant…in both cases it was seafood that caused the problems.

in 3 years i’ve never been sick from the street food.

Generally food poisoning happens because food is cooled and reheated and then cooled again. If it’s fresh food then generally food poisoning is kept to a minimum.

Responding to my post about not eating at the street vendors. I do not eat everyday at Western fast food places either. We eat at home because it is more nutricious and tastes the way we like it. Obviously cheaper too! Maybe eat an evening meal at a Western fast food place once or twice at the most per week. That is McDonalds or Burger King. I just do not care for the sights and smells of the local stands. I am not racist but it is just personal taste. Do not look down at people that eat the food stands.

Anybody who eats at Western fast food places everyday obviously will get severe health problems just as much as one who eats at the food stands without picking carefully which ones to eat at. Like I said do not eat at them everyday but once or twice a week.

The point that people are responding too wasn’t about where you choose to eat. It was about your statement that most people you know get sick.

People are just chipping in with their POV’s that after 20 years or whatever they don’t sick from street food, so that shouldn’t deter the poster