Fatboy Slim album covers

Why does my copy of You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby have a fat kid walking down the street, and others have a photo of some LPs ?

That’s because I sued because they used my picture without permission so they had to change it :smiley:

No idea, mine has the fat kid too

the picture on Amazon is different… I guess they must have changed it

[EDIT] Mr Gus: I tried to put in the Amazon ASIN number fot that CD(thought it might help) but I don’t see anything in my post… :?

I think the fat kid is the proper UK cover, the shelf of LP’s might the crappy poofy US version, comparing www.amazon.com (Gus, should I mention Amazon as often as possible ?) and others

For a bonus point, what is Fatboy Slim’s real name ?

It’s Norman Cook, right?

Why the two different album covers ?

I asked my brother a few years ago when the CD came out. My brother was/is a music critic in Chicago. He asked his contact at Astralwerks, the American label for Fatboy Slim.

The contact said, and I paraphrase, “We were worried that that UK cover would offend over-weight people in America. And we know there are a lot them here.”

My brother kept my Taiwan-bought copy just for the picture.


Thanks. Thought it might be something like that !

I have loads of US vinyl imports with the wrong covers. Its obviously just because Americans are so stupid.

[quote=“The Big Babou”]It’s Norman Cook, right?[/quote]His real name’s Quentin, he changed it to Norman to sound more show-bizzy :?