Father Daniel Bauer's weekly newspaper column


Father Daniel Bauer’s weekly newspaper column in the CHINA POST is now online. That’s cool. He’s the dude! Catholic priest teaching at an all girls’ college, he has been here 23 years or more. You can read his recent columns and comment on them here. He is often spot on, and he is sometimes way off base. I heard he appreciates reader feedback. Tell him what you think here.

I thought he taught at Fujen Catholic University…lots of guys there this morning when I got there.


ironlady, thanks for the correction. yes its furen. i didnt know boys were allowed. see, learn some thing new every day here. SMILE.

My advice would be for the good father to stick to proselytizing.
He is not a journalist. I would no more want a plummer to fly a jumbo jet as I would want a preacher to venture into an area he has no ability in.
Unless he is writing about how something or other relates to scripture or the church, he’s out of his swim. And perhaps more annoying is that his writing is parochial (no surprise there) and dull.

Nothing, absolutely nothing untoward crossed my mind reading that… :wink:

Life is hard, then you die.

true, reinhold, but he has had that column for quite a while, i think, more than 5 years, no? so he must be doing something right. do you often read that column on sundays? i do, but usually for a few laughs. he seems so out of touch with young peopke today, and he seems to use his sudents surveys as material for most of his columns. seems he gives out a survey, collates the stuff and writes yet another column on his coeds, his dear coeds. can jesuits marry?

and while you are here, wolfman, what’s your take on that Jayson Blair ny times staffer story. on another thread. we’ve been waiting for you to weigh in.

nope, no Catholic orders can. I believe married people can become lay “deacons,” sort of a combined ceremonial assistant and volunteer worker, but that would be it.

Gee, Wolf–what qualifications must he submit before you allow him to comment on subjects outside of religion? From what I’ve seen, his column appears in the editorial section, which would mean that he’s only writing with the intention of offering his perspective. Have you read from any columnist that only writes on one subject?

I’ve met the man, and he is intelligent and thoughtful. Above all, he’s an excellent listener–a characteristic that most reporters I’ve met are short of.

I’m with Wolf. Bauer is dull, dull, dull.

My point, Dahudze, was that since he writes so boringly and is so out of touch that the only topic that I would expect of him would be something religious. Obviously, talented individuals can write about a host of topics.

Who said a religious leader has to write something strictly religious. He can writes any topics he wants. He’s like us mere human and as you mentioned


[quote=“ax”]Who said a religious leader has to write something strictly religious. He can writes any topics he wants. He’s like us mere human and as you mentioned


Wolf’s whole point is that Bauer is NOT talented and appears to have very little idea of what’s going on.
And Maoman, you forgot at least three more “dulls” and several “borings” at the end of your post.
Bauer is just space-filler, nothing more. His writing has about as much merit as the horoscope section.

Anybody remember Peter Ling (I think that’s the name) who used to write editorials for the Post. Holy crap! That guy was frickin heelarious. Peter Ling knew that if you are going to be a bad writer, be a horrendous one in order to be a little entertaining. I would love to see some of Peter Ling’s old columns.

I was going to stay off this thread but when I saw Peter Ling I had to reply.

Singaporean Chinese who immigrated to Sydney and drew the most wonderfully obtuse “morals” from his day to day struggles to “exist.”

Let me see if I can try.

I was driving down the street today and someone rudely cut in front of me and I thought to myself, “That man is clearly not a superior cultural person,” so I did not deign to beep my horn or curse as an ordinary ruffian would.

While driving home pondering the rude senselessness of the poorly raised and probably undeducated, maybe even unemployed driver of the car, I realized how important it is for each of us to show consideration to others. If everyone was considerate of others than a problem and the unhappy feeling that it gave me may never need have taken place and since each of us wants to be happy we should be considerate of others and their feelings and that car should be very careful next time to not cut in front of me or I will be unhappy.

Dahudze, what’s he like as a person? Tell us more.

I heard that he is very short, but as you said a very friendly and caring person. About 55 years old? I guess that makes him too old to be interesting for some folks here, but I like his columns and am glad to see the website devoted to him now too.

Yes, sometimes he is boring, he writes in an LKK kind of fashion but jeex, cut the man some slack, he’s 55 years old already! I read him to the insights he gives me about his life in Taiwan and his relationships with his students. Yeh, he is not William Safire yet or Anne Landers, but he’s not half bad. It makes the Sunday Post more interesting. Just curious to know more about the man. He has been here for 30 years or so, which makes him twice Wolfman’s age.

Why did the Post give him that gig? Anybody know? I heard the Post is a Catholic newspaper. Owners are Catholics, and a photo of the Pope always appears every Monday morning, direct from a Rome photo press conference. So it should be called the China Pope, NOT the CHINA POST.


You know that everyone who has posted negative remarks here is going straight to hell – do not pass the Pearly Gates, do not receive 70 virgins…

Life is hard, then you wish you had gone to church.

No, no, Wolfman, you got it all wrong. This Father Bauer guy is not your grandfather’s priest! He’s hip and cool and with it and hardly even fools around with religious concepts like heaven and hell. read his columns. he ever talks about religion. if you axed me (AX), i would say he wishes now he could have married one of the cute freshman he nows teaches every day! This has nothing to do with God, but maybe alot to do with virgins…

My favourite column by the Father: Him slagging off the Taipei Times because they ran a photo on their business front with four promo girls for Nestle icecream. The girls had bodypaint on their fronts with the Nestle logo and were licking away. He also slagged off Nestle.

[color=red]Nestle ROCKS![/color]

body painting rocks!

and speaking of body painting, did anyone see the Taipei Times sports section today with the babelicious photo of Petra Nemcova the swimsuit SI model? wooooooooooooooo! That girl rocks! can someone post a photo of her here!

The Father won’t mind I am sure.