Fattys Restaurant opens new place

Fattys Italian/European Restaurant in Taichung just opened their new place. Very good food not too crazy prices.I eat at Fattys regularly . Most dishes great…pizzas average.Wine good.
Must have spent a fortune on the building. Situated on Gongyi Road .(Off wenxin…250 metres down from Porsche dealers ,on a corner .Worth a try.
If you say you know Alan…it could go better,or worse :ponder:Owner is Dutch, nice guy called Hendrick .

Or worse…?

What did you do?

[quote=“Aura”]Or worse…?

What did you do?[/quote]
Ha…just good friends, always joking. He speaks French also. :discodance:

I saw that, spent a pretty penny, nice to see some expats investing and doing well here.

Yes he has done well. I had a drink with Hendrick the other day and he said they had served over 4000 people in a very short time, with no advertising.
On the down side I had a meal last week and sometimes get all girlie and want a Baileys with a coffee afterwards. He forgot to replace his Baileys…fail. :cry:

I always go to Fattys when I’m in TC, I love the meatball pasta :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the new place when I’m next in town!

Looks cool, right now I would kill for European food.