Favorite breakfast dishes

Good moooooooooooooooooorning, Taiwan!

Delicious breakfast awaits adventurous travelers, says AP in a story that CNN has picked up with global PR for Taiwan.

One great place to sample Chinese-style breakfast food is Taiwan. The bustling leaf-shaped country is one of the world’s best places for fantastic Chinese food. And the cooking starts at sunrise on almost every block in residential areas in the island nation’s densely populated cities.

The best places to look for breakfast shops are near subway stations, where the food is hurriedly snarfed up by what’s known in Taiwanese slang as the “Shangban Zu,” or the “commuting tribe.”

other breakfast dishes mentioned:

“you tiao,” (pronounced YO TEE-YAU)
“shao bing” (pronounced SHAU BING)
“dan bing,” (pronounced DAHN BING)
“man tou,” (pronounced MAHN TOW)
“baozi” (pronounced BAO ZEH), .
“dou jiang,” (pronounced DOUGH JEE-YANG) .
“ma la gao,” (pronounced MAH LAH GAU)
“fan tuan,” (pronounced FAHN TWAHN) or rice roll-ups.

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I guess one of my fave’s would be the you tiaos with the warm sweetened soy milk. Unfortunately, not every breakfast store sells them. Appart from the toast, most other stuff in the breakfast stores is just too greasy for me in the morning.

I’m for shaobing jia dian, but rather late night snack than breakfast…=)

When grits get on that list, then you know my favorite breakfood to eat in Taiwan…

Pancakes with hot buttered syrup, long crisp strips of bacon, hard fried egg, toast with jam, tall glass of OJ and a bowl of Cheerios. Still looking… :sunglasses:

I’m addicted to those hamburger things with milk tea. I’m going through re-habilitation at the moment.

I think you need mom or a girlfriend :wink: :wink: to whip that up for ya…

Yeah, give me some Cinnamon Toast Eggos. I’m pretty sure that most chinese breakfast foods are simply cold left-overs from last night.