Favorite Chinese movies

I started watching a movie last weekend and within the first five minutes completely fell in love with it. The title is 綠茶Green Tea. Another one I loved was 給我一只貓 Drop me a cat which was set in Taipei.

I guess I could go on and on… Though there are many out there that I haven’t seen (yet?).

What unknown little Chinese/Taiwanese movies do you like?


Was just about to talk all about Infernal Affairs…until I read the last line.
Darn, I guess I gotta watch some more Taiwanese films…

I didn’t mean to restrict the thread to Taiwanese movies. Green Tea is a Mainland China movie. I was mainly thinking of Chinese-language movies, regardless whether they’re from Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Canada…

However, I’m more interested in the smaller ones not many people have heard of (try to find a review on “Drop me a cat” in English :s ), not Chinese language block-busters or classics like “In the Mood for Love”.


Very few Chinese-language films have made a big impact on me, but I love A Chinese Ghost Story, which is a ‘blockbuster’ of sorts, but an old one :slight_smile:

A more obscure one is Beijing Rocks!, about a fledgling band in, obviously, Beijing. I think the most interesting thing about it was how ‘authentic’ they came across in spirit - unexpected because effectively they are ‘copying’ the Western style of music and dress to the extent it’s almost farcical, but the spirit of rebellion is genuine, it’s just differently expressed, and of course subject to the time and culture they find themselves in. The opening scene summed it up for me - they play a set in a club, get into a fight, trash the club, then jump out the window and escape. Very slowly. On bicycles, pedalling into the night :smiley:

Tianmimi (aka Comrades: Almost a Love Story).

  • God I love that movie

Yep, Chinese Ghosts Story was great.

Beijing Rocks was OK.

There’s so many old HK movies I like, I wouldn’t know where to start (except with Tianmimi of course). Anything by Wang Kar Wai. All John Woo’s HK movies (But these are all ‘classics’ I suppose which don’t meet your criteria).


The ones I love here are those silly comedies starring some middleaged uncle character and a little bald headed fat kid named Shiao Something he was about 8 years old when they were made he is now 17 or so. Jacky Wu was in some of them, too. Funny Taiwanese dialect comedies that no self respecting Taiwanese would ever been seen watching, but I love them. The kid is great! Ever see those, Iris or Bu En Lai?

The Happy Ghost
The first one, not the sequels.

[image added]

Gosh, I love HK movies. There are so many great movies, just got to blockbuster and rent anything you can get. Some are really bad, but the good ones will make up for this…have fun. I have found out that as a European I don’t really like Chinese humour, so you might want to stay away from comedies.

Watched Green Tea again last night and found it as perfect as the first time (about two weeks ago). However, the friend I had talked into watching it with me considered it booooooooooooring. I smsed my Shanghai friend (who had introduced the movie to me), and she smsed back that the friend she was with at the moment had said, she hadn’t understood the movie either.

Has anybody seen it? It’s not about understanding/not understanding the movie. It’s probably as much a hate or love movie as Solaris (I’ve only met one other person who liked Solaris as much as I had :s ).


I really enjoyed a movie I watched in the states called, I believe, Yi-Yi. It was a very interesting movie but I haven’t seen it in Taiwan so I don’t know if it is available here or not.
I also love watching some of those really bad Hong-Kong movies which are on television here a lot. The awful acting, along with the strange subtitles, are often quite hilarious.

I was totally amazed by Internal Affairs. The first part was among the best cop/bad guy movies I’ve seen … the second part is mamahuhu, and with the 3rd part, they just tried to make some more bucks out of it.

Someone even told ma that they are planning to make a Hollywood-remake of it with Brad Pitt :blush:

Another good movie I saw recently was a Korean one, where a young boy was dumped by his mother to live with grandma in the mountains. (Sorry, forgot the title)

Sounds like “Heidi”…hehehe

The copyrights for Internal Affairs were indeed bought by Hollywood and rumor is, that Brad Pitt is going to play Liu Dehuas role…

That would be Infernal Affairs, wouldn’t it? I believe Internal Affairs is a movie starring Richard Gere. I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about it, I guess I’ll have to pick it up at one point.

I know which one you mean. It was on in the theatres about half a year ago. I’ve been thinking about buying the DVD but wasn’t sure it had English subtitles. Does it? I’ll post the title as soon as I’ll remember.


I recommend Better Than Sex, written and directed by Tainan-native Su Chao-pin. I found it at Blockbuster last year.

I met Su several years ago when he was a language student of mine.

Apparently, he achieved some fame in Taiwan by being one of the brains behind the “true crime” shows that were so popular on television in the late 90s.

Better Than Sex was shot in Taipei, and part of the fun in watching it is identifying the locations he used. It also features cameos by MC Hotdog and fellow rappers, a slow-speed chase scene that culminates ina mysterious gunshot, and some amazing balloon party tricks.

I don’t think anyone will fall in love with this film, but you’ll probably find something in it to enjoy.

I don’t really know what’s considered “well-known” or not, so here’s a mixed bag - alongside some favorite classics, probably a few lesser known films in here too…

Can’t go wrong with Ang Lee’s old stuff - “Eat Drink Man Woman” (gotta love that opening scene) and “The Wedding Banquet” (set in the States). Other good Taiwan flicks include “Papa’s Lover” - same actor from “The Peach Blosssom Land” (awesome movie, but no English subtitles - got to see the stage version way back when).

HK flicks - ah the good old days. See anything by Wong Kar-wei. Hands down my favorite of his is “Chungking Express”. The little known sequel “Fallen Angels” is enjoyable too. Was surprised to hear Sofia Coppola refer to Wong at the Oscars, but his work is a staple of film classes everywhere. Then there’s Tsui Hark (yeah, love A Chinese Ghost Story too, + the early Huang Fei-hong movies with Jet Lee - like “Once Upon a Time in China,” arguably the best martial arts movie ever made). If you go for action, check out Chow Yun-fat’s old “Hardboiled” as well as Jackie Chan’s “Police Story” series (IMHO Jackie and several others haven’t made a good film since they left HK).There are lots of resources out there for HK films - several books out there on the subject (some with dubious titles like “Hong Kong Trash Cinema”), and online stuff like HKMDB

Oh and I suppose Zhang Yi-mou’s stuff is classic, but still worth a rehash of a few names - “Raise the Red Lantern,” “Farewell My Concubine,” and “To Live.”

Too many favorites I suppose…

That sound like the 'stinky fart king" (chou pi wang).

My all time favourite is The Hole (Dong) by Cai Ming Liang:

Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Goodbye South Goodbye (Zaijian Nanguao Zaijian) is also a must. Mind you I’ve not seen anything new for sometime.


My favorite is still Michael Cimino’s Year Of The Dragon. :laughing:

Does it have English subtitles? When it came out in the cinema there weren’t any.


That reminds me: What in the world ever happened to Mickey Rourke’s career?

i gotta put “comrades:almost a love story” right up there.

the story of jackie chan and sammo huang’s childhood in an opera/tumbling troupe was great. i think the english name is “painted faces”

“durian durian” is a must see for anyone who has ever spent time in HK.

i am sorry, but “not one less” made me shed a tear or two.

“balzac and the little seamstress” is fine, but not a must-see.

the one about the mailman in the mountains (can’t recall the name) captures wonderfully the essence of peasant life. the overall gentleness of the film instantly took me back to the provinces.