Favorite Palm OS applications

What are you favorite Palm applications. I’ve stumbled across some that I think are worth sharing, and as I find more I’ll post them here.

This program lets the you keep track of how many hours you’ve worked at various places and total them up.

Space War:
A good way to kill time while MRT surfing.

Space Trader:
Another good way to kill time while MRT surfing.

A program to help remember things. Currently using it to aid in Chinese study.

I also enjoy Space Trader - but you can only beat the game so many times!!! Strategic Commander was fun for a while, too.

I use KingHanzi by www.Gakusoft.com for learning Chinese.

Oxford’s Chinese-Eng dictionary is on there - even lets you draw the characters.

I use KDIC for a couple of free Chinese-Eng dictionaries. I also have the Webster’s Unabridged English Dictionary. I use DragonPen for character input and CJKOS for pinyin input and Chinese fonts. geocities.com/chinesepalm/Ch … _setup.htm

I used to use avantgo all the time until I went to OSX - no avantgo support. :frowning:

I keep some digital photos of my family on there, too - just in case the subject ever comes up!

A very useful birthday remidermajig. Tells you how old the person is, how many days untill their next birthday, what day of the week it will land on and a bunch of other things. Has a lunar calendar thingy too.

kozmocat, thanks for those links. I’ve been meaning to find pinyin input for palm.

Okay now that i’ve finally saved enough to buy Tungsten T. I don’t really know what its used for! I know its very embarrasing!! I did a search and have read a lot from reading the threads here on Forumosa. So far I have decided to:

-buy the Pleco Oxford dictionary
-purchase Supermemo
-download / buy a chinese OS for Supermemo
-thinking about getting more external memory to store my favorite songs.