Favorite sexy spot?

An intimate nook. You know the kind of place:

[ul]It’s dim without being dank, or brightly lit without feeling exposed.

It carries a feeling of subtle class or perhaps homey comfort that makes you and those lucky enough to be with you feel at ease.

It’s clean enough that you can bring even picky female aquaintences without hesitation.

If it’s a resturant, the food is good enough to justify what you pay for it.

If it’s a bar, the drinks are reasonable and/or strong enough that you don’t need to think of your friends’ income levels before inviting them.[/ul]

In short, it’s that find, that place you keep going back to, the one you mean when you tell a new friend “I know this great little place…”

So what is it? Everybody share yours, and we’ll all benefit. No need for addys, just an area and a description will give we, the nook hunters, something to go on.

Extra points for nooks near the Zhingshan Jr. High School or Shuanglin MRT stops. The points, of course, mean nothing… :smiley:

Alleycat’s and Riverside.

Where/what is Riverside? Assuming it’s not a park bench by the river.

It’s a live house down by Taipower Building, just off Roosevelt.

And another addition to the list - The Living Room.

See, I’m just a bit puzzled at the great apathy to this post… My evil plan to pump more people through it by putting the word “sex” in the post title even backfired. Plenty have been looking, and Tetsuo posted.

:bravo: Tetsuo, btw! Where’s this Living Room? Assuming, of course, it’s not just your living room. Not that I’ll be completely uninterested then, either. I’ll just want to know what you have on tap…

So, are forumosans that unwilling to give up their favorite spots? Does everyone, in fact, go to the same four or five bars listed in some of my other posts? Do we all just sit home and devote our lives to catv, ac, and dsl?

Are we too embaressed to list McDonalds?

I like the Subway just up form Zhongshan Jr. High School MRT stop on the brown line. A veggie sub is the largest heaping of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, olives and cucumbers I have found so far in Taipei. They’re not afraid to pile it on, and it’ll only set you back NT95. The drinks are bottomless, and cost NT30. The windows are perfect for people watching. The AC is set to ‘comfortable’, as opposed to 7-11’s standard setting of “stun”.

I have also found this great little place called “Skywalker”. It’s on Ming Shung Dong Lu, between the Zhongshan and Shaunglien stations. It’s one of those “NT60/hr for internet, drinks, etc.” places, with two great perks. One, the “free” includes excellent homemade ice cream, toast with PB&J and other cool spreads, and a “do it yourself” hot tea bar with about 20 ingredients. Secondly, you can buy a VIP card for NT100 that makes the place half price. It’s clean, comfortable, herds the smokers into their own corner, offers conference rooms good for teaching students, serves tasty, fresh meals for NT100, has an extensive library, friendly staff, fast, functional computers, and tolerable music. If this place had beer, I might never leave.

Any other takers? Where’s cool?

We tell you. You tell your friends. They tell their friends. Pretty soon it’s not so sexy anymore.

…i go to places so cool and obscure that i’m usually the only customer in them…

I go up to the teahouses in Maokong.

Basement, 2, Lane 244, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd. Taipei (Next to Tai-Power Building/The Asto icecream corner). (http://www.riverside.com.tw/) Gig list here. (Chinese, mostly)

3F, #8, Nanjing E. Rd, Sec. 5 (livingroomtaipei.com/)

If you pick your nights right, the place can either be a cosy, chill-out-with-friends type place, or a nice spot to take a lady friend.

That little hill behind the domestic airport where you can watch the planes land almost right on top of you. :heart:

Just behind my left ear.

Hooters. Seriously, I used to take my ex there, before she was my ex.


Find that spot and your date will greatly appreciate you for it.



Have a look at this thread:
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Some of Taipei’s best kept secrets, which contain one or two intimate nooks as I recall.