Favourite Guitar Tracks

I’ve been looking for ages.

I’m looking for that track from the film “Crossroads” with Ralph Karate-Kid Macchio or whatever his name is. You know, the guitar duel near the end. I even bought the soundtrack only to find out that that particular track wasn’t even on it :frowning:

The other track is the Duelling Banjos track from the film Deliverance.

Can anyone help me out?

Are you looking for sound files or the sheet music?

Sorry… sound files

I love that track. Pretty funny listening to Ry Cooder totally cutting widdly-widdly king Steve Vai like that.

no idea if this works:

EDIT: link removed, if you’re interested pls. go to the forum below and take it from there … :wink:

found here:



Thanks Xpet.

[quote=“Xpet”]no idea if this works:

EDIT: link removed, if you’re interested pls. go to the forum below and take it from there … :wink:

found here:



Hmmm. I didn’t see anything there but hot lesbo sex. :shocker: Not that I’m complaining.

As for Ry Cooder, of course “Chicken Skin Music” is a great album, but do you have “Talking Timbuktu,” with Cooder and Ali Farka Toure? I love that CD and wanted to buy more Ali Farka Toure as a result, but his most popular album is something like US$60 for a regular CD, so I figure I’ll just have to be happy with the regular priced Timbuktu.

Man, I’ve lost a lot of CDs over the years. I lost my Crossroads soundtrack (not that I cared, since the track I bought it for wasn’t even on it), and you just reminded me that I used to have a Ry Cooder CD that I had totally forgotten about. “Bop till you Drop” (had to look it up on the interweb thingy)

I do have the Paris Texas sountrack, which is just superb.

It’s amazing what Ry can copy, still using a slide. However, I do believe that the very final lick that wins him the contest was actually Steve, and then Steve again, pretending to not be able to play it. At least that’s what I reckon from listening to it.

That’s what I’ve heard before too, that it’s Steve playing both sides, at least the final bit …

Woohoo! Have I got the ear or what? :wink:

I have duelling banjo’s on MP3, am trying to find the ry cooder track. Let me know if you got it or not. I can either send it to you or burn it and u can pick up from the pub…

I’ve PMed you.

Do a search for Crossroads guitar duel or something, I used to see that file around a lot actually.

Another nice track if you like that is from the Bill & Ted soundtrack, Extreme - Come out and Play.

Eugene’s Trick Bag by Steve Vai.

Album: The Elusive Light and Sound Vol.1-Steve Vai

I learned this for my end of school music exam a long time ago. Its sooo bloody hard esp that last note (29th fret harmonic thingy!)-use an octave pedal instead. Blast from the past thats for sure.


Nice one. Maybe this could become a favourite guitar tracks thread or something. I’ll definitely be looking out for those last two.

I don’t have any particular favourite – how can you say whether a solo by, say, Joe Pass is better or worse than one by, say Lightning Hopkins or Eddie Van Halen?
The one that always comes to mind, though, is Eric Clapton’s solo on Double Crossin’ Time by the Bluesbreakers. Now THAT’S a guitar solo!