Fax on Hinet ADSL modem/connection?

Is it possible to send and receive faxes via a PC with an ADSL connection (Hinet), using the ChungWa phone number I got with my new adsl account?

Back in NZ I had a dial-up connection with a 56k fax/voice modem that did the job quite nicely.

I assume that the ADSL modem provided by Hinet does not have this fax option?

I do know that Hinet has a pc/web-based fax service on their homepage, but the page is in Chinese, and it is only for sending faxes, not receiving them.

If the ADSL modem is not able to be set up for faxes would there be a problem/conflict, if I installed a voice/fax modem card?

There should be no problem using the phone number supplied with your ADSL account using a regular fax machine or a fax modem. More to the point, the phone number supplied with an ADSL line is no different from any other supplied by Chung Hwa. An ADSL line is split (with that little box they gave you) into the digital part for ADSL and the analog part for a standard POTS phone line.