FBI Background Check. Is printing out the results online ok?

I am in the process of getting all my documents together and am currently working on getting my FBI background check (identity history summary). On the FBI’s website it says “If you submitted a request electronically directly to the FBI, you will receive a response electronically and an option to receive a response by First-Class Mail via the U.S. Postal Service.”

Can I just print out the PDF or whatever it is online? Or must I request they snail mail me a physical letter?

Of course not.

Official hard copy on the special FBI security paper. Translated into Chinese by a licensed translation company and then authenticated by the Washington DC TECRO.

I think I read somewhere on this forum that electronic version is ok for work permit, but I don’t know if it is true.

This thread.

Note: iirc
For ARC based on marriage, you need a paper version to get it authenticated. [It can be an electronic version. (Thanks @justinram11 )]
Though the OP of the thread said it it for ARC, I think it is for work permit.
I have not confirmed this information with any authorities.

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Well, how about that! News to me. Very interesting. Thanks for the education.

So no authentication by TECRO is needed? I dimly recall something about buxiban background checks not needing authentication, but I thought ARC applications required it.

Can you submit prints to a channeler electronically? If not, why bother using one? I got the link from the FBI the day after they received my prints.

I think you don’t need a background check for work based visa and ARC if you are from the US.

I think the document doesn’t need to be authenticated for work permit.

I’m not an any kind of expert on those issues, so to make sure, please confirm it to authorities, MOL for work permit, BOCA for visa, NIA for ARC.

If you work at cram school, you now need a background check. I don’t know if I’ll end up working at one, but I’d like to be prepared for the possibility.

I got an FBI background check about 7 years ago and I don’t recall the results being on special paper. In fact, the school in China I was working for at the time used my background check (without my permission) to make a fake one for another teacher that had a DUI on his record. That same school also made fake diplomas for several other teachers. I was the only teacher at the school that had real documents. Now I get really annoyed when schools request a ton of documents before an interview because I’m worried they’re going to use my documents to make fake ones. That’s why I edit my documents with GIMP and draw lines through them now so they can’t easily be copied.

yes, you need a background check to work at buxiban. My point is, it is not for visa or ARC, but for a work permit.

If it’s authentic FBI security paper, it can’t be copied without the invisible COPY statement showing up.

Your background check does not need to be notorized/ authenticated/ for a buxiban work permit/ ARC. I did opt to receive a copy via snail mail. It arrived less than two weeks after sending the FBI my prints. I could be wrong on this but the paper copy looked like standard printer paper.

Just look at the copy you made for your personal records.

You can clearly see “VOID” or “UNAUTHORIZED COPY” when an attempt to photocopy or scan the document. Unless the FBI has completely disregarded the importance of security and are just using common photocopy paper now.

Working in Taiwan over last 10 years, I’ve never needed a FBI background check. Although when I got my APRC they said I did, then I talked to Immigration Office in person, and they said I didn’t. I only needed Taipei background check.

So make sure you really need the FBI one cuz it is a lot of steps.

At this moment, people need background check to get a work permit for a buxiban job.

Just note that when I went through the FBI Background Check process earlier this year for a marriage based ARC, TECRO in Washington DC accepts the electronic form:

  • When starting the FBI Background Check application, the FBI will send you an email with a pin code to access your application
  • To submit the electronic version, you had to forward TECRO this email so that they could login themselves and verify that it was authentic

There are still several other documents that you have to mail in (including a check), so I’m not sure that this saves you any hassle other than the electronic version was completed about 3 weeks faster than getting the paper version in the mail

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If on APRC The education department of New Taipei City requires it , but Taipei City does not.
in my opinion they should all require it as it keeps the pedos away