Federer oozes class

He’s one of few champions is recent memery that has a likability about him. He was beaten by Safin (nice speech too) and was give a terrible line call late in the 5th. Would have given him a double break point. He never argues nor sulks. Lleyton, I hope you win on Friday night but you could learn soooo much from Federer. Maybe smerf was right :stuck_out_tongue:

Fotnote ; There is a similarity between Rogerer and myself in my juniors.

Hewitt oozed class tonight in beating Roddick. A very good game to have watched.

Funny about Roddick asking the chair umpire about having heard sounds as he double faulted to lose a game in the third set.

He was asking if people were allowed to make sounds when Hewitt was serving.

The Hewitt Roddick game was another ripper. Seems the only guys who complain about Hewitt’s ‘come ons’ are the ‘aren’t there yets’. Never hear it from Federer, but he’s a class act, nor from Roddick, I watched him tonight and thought he’s also a nice guy. Safin too. Namby, who Hewitt beat in the quarters in a whining dogs and l was glad to see the end of the wanker :bravo: