Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti’s always saying this word in his songs.
The word sounds like the French pronunciation of “marriage”, but I guess it’s a Yoruba word or something. Or it sounds more like “ouiyage”.
He’s always saying it. Anyone know what it means?

Remember when you were telling me about Fela Kuti at the Fish House and you wrote down some of his songs I should check out on a small scrap of paper?
Well I came home that night, emptied my pockets, and I guess that scrap fell and slipped behind one of my speakers.
A few days ago I was doing some cleaning and rediscovered it, and decided to “acquire” some of his material.

You’re right, it’s freaking groovy stuff man!

Definitely recommended to anyone that likes afrofunk-psych-jazz.

Oh, I figured out what Fela was saying. He’s saying “Ass”, but it’s with a heavy Nigerian accent, so it sounds like “yash”