Ferret emergency

I overheard my coworker talking on the phone with her flatmate…

SHe has a ferret that has been losing weight…and is peeing all over the place. Usually she is very well trained(the ferret) but now runs around and pees without being able to control it.

She took it to a vet in Neihu who apparently is one of the few that can help special critters like these…but now he says he needs a special permit to take X-rays and do a blood test?

I remember there are ferret lovers on here…where do you take them when they get sick?

taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/s … imalhp.htm

Check them out? Sounds like they may know what they are doing? Im trying to remember my cats vet. He is the chief vet at the Taipei Zoo and can certainly work with ferrets. When I find it I will post his info.

Heres a forumosa thread on vets:


Top Vet also takes ferrets: Lonjiang Strret -close to Ronxin Park 2517-0902

this is a website in chinese for ferret owners in Taiwan
besides that i have only been at the vet for my ferret’s shots…
sorry i cannot help much, actually i do know that the best ones are in Taipei… here in Hsinchu they are kind off “bad”, as the matter that they dont know much about ferrets…

thanks for all the info…unfortunately she died…kidney failure.

i am so sorry to hear that…

Chinese pet food?

Hi guys - thank you so much for caring so much. I just joined this site and came across your threads. You really touched my heart. The ferret’s name was Sheana. She was the dearest, sweetest, most loving and playful ferret. I miss her dearly. A note of confusion I feel I have to clear up quickly though. The vet in Neihu asked my flatmate for papers of ownership because he knew Shaena so well, and he didn’t know my flatmate at all. He was just being cautious. But I called him just after that and he started immediately.(Actually I think he started with all the tests even before I called, just because he cares so much. Bless that wonderful man!)
So, once again - thank you SO much!