Ferry from Keelung to Hualien

I read an article in the Taipei times last week about a ferry from Keelung to Haulien. I can’t seem to find the article. I would like to check this out. Has anyone done this trip ?

Could be a good alternative, if the ferry follows all safety checks and regulations…

I’m guessing they just recently opened up the route. I can’t find it anywhere online but i’ll keep looking. The only thing I found so far was a boat that caught fire with 65 passengers on board.

As I posted on Facebook (what, you didn’t all read that? :laughing: ):

I talked to the Tourism Bureau this morning. They said it is not a regular passenger ferry. You need to buy tickets in advance from this agency:


But this is a trial and no one knows if it will continue:

This is the ferry website (very little info and apparently the phone number is wrong):

Moons ago, there was a car ferry. That was awesome. Took it once. Five and a half hours from Keelung to Hualian for 200nt. It was brilliant.

Hey thanks for the info. It looks great I’m going to try it out.

Interesting ships they have here…



Be sure to let us know how it is.

[quote=“yuli”]Interesting ships they have here…



pretty coool ! looks like fun

I am also interested in making this trip, please keep us updated!

It goes to Pingtan - Fujian, PR China.

Mr He, what are you talking about? Yes, there is a boat to Fujian, but a new ferry is now running Suao to Hualien.

The web site was talking Pingtan from Taipei Port.

Yeah, that’s why I said there was no real info on the site regarding the boat to Hualien. I did expect by now though that they would have added something.