Ferry times to Green Island

Does anyone know how often ferries leave from Taitung to Green Island everyday or know a link that can help me out, thanks. I’m trying to plan a last minute trip there, have the train worked out but gotta see about the ferries. Thanks

  • Mike (Taoyuan)

This time of year the schedule’s going to be pretty flexible. If the weather’s bad, or too windy, boats won’t even go at all. Better call ahead and see if the places you want to go to are even open. A lot of places on the island shut down over the winter months.

Call the English Tourist Hotline and see if they have any boat company numbers. Tourist Hotline number is: 2717 3737.


The Liu-dao Tz-Shing: 089-330-756

Chang-an: 089-281-047

Chang an is the smaller and older of the two vessels but has an open deck.

The Liu dao Tz-Shing is an enclosed, twin hulled and far superior rough weather vessel.

In the summer, both run daily from around 6:40 to 4:30pm. During the off season, it’s a bit more hit and miss. Keep in mind that the crossing can be VERY rough this time of year. Look for crossing times between 60 and 80 minutes depending on conditions…

One extra tip…Sit as far away from everyone else as possible! The sound and smell of dozens of Taiwanese tourists puking their guts out is truly a sight to see/avoid? This is no Joke!

Don’t forget your snorkeling/Diving gear…The waters surrounding are fantastic!