Ferry to China for visa run & get 中文 materials useful?

I have to do a visa run Aug 1 and thought that the new ferry option would be a good opportunity to go to Xiamen (instead of HK) and find some useful materials.

Are there any chinese learners out there who are familiar with that geography?

Is this better than going to HK?

Unless you have a multiple entry visa and a taiwan ID you can’t go to Xiamen … wait, if you have a Taiwan ID you don’t need to do a visa run … so, no it’s not better than HK, because Taiwan doesn’t have a visa office there … they are communists

I have a multi-entry visa so I don’t need a TW visa office.

Many of the cross strait flights will fly to xiamen (amoy) . Check them out. Some are beggin for biz.

I don’t think you’ll get on one of the ferries to Xiamen … strictly Taiwanese living in Kinmen until further notice … and flying to kinmen won’t do good, it’s domestic … but if you have multiple entry just book a return flight to HK, back and forth on one day …

How do you plan to get into China? You need a visa, unlike HK where you get a landing visa upon entry.

There are flaws in the guy’s OP, but what about the books? Are the books from the mainland worth a look? HK uses traditional, so there must be a good portion of Chinese learning texts with traditional, right?

What about picture books with audio CD’s? Or just anything on audio CD with a story worth listening to?