FET prepay phone English menu

Original title: Taiwan’s Dirty Little Secret

My cellular provider is Far East Tone (FET). I use an IF card to replenish my account. The card’s instructions are in English, but when I call all the phone menu options are in Chinese.

I’ve replenished my account a few times, always having a Taiwanese I know do it for me. Here’s the problem: I want to do it myself, but I don’t understand Chinese and, therefore, don’t know what number to press from the phone menu…and THEY won’t tell me no matter how many times I ask.

Any help would be appreciated.

i’ve got dageda and when I bought my sym card, it was changed so that usually hear English after the Chinese .

I havea FET which is recharged with an IF card.

When I dialed 777, I got an english menu eventually. If you hang on for a while you will prob hear engrish. Otherwise get your TW friend to change the voice menu language for you.

I have the opposite problem at Zhong Hua Telecom. I ask them to please put my service in Chinese, and then they switch it to English. How convenient…

I have IF and an English menu. Dial 777 and when you hear the voices press 4 for language options. Then just follow the promps. Hopes this helps. :slight_smile:

Just to emphasize, dial 777 and press 4 for language options. I use an IF card and reup regularly with 777.

Thanks for the help. If you’re at the Golden Eagle in Chiayi tonight I’ll buy you a beer.

Yes and when replenishing the english instructions are so hilarious, each word has a different volume (loudness) … I thought computer voices would be more sophisticated by now :s

You’re welcome :slight_smile: You will find out, however that this doesn’t make the voicemail menu English… :fume: To change that menu to English took me 30 minutes with the result being that it was still in Chinese. To sort this out dial 777 and then 0 for customer care. Follow the prompts to “speak to a customer care representitive” and ask them to change it for you.

Hey, I did it (change the language) … some 5-6 years ago … guess it didn’t get more difficult … did it? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I kind of noticed. All I get by pressing 4 is another menu in Chinese.