Fiber optic cable

hello I got this promotion offer about fiber optic cable, 10m/2m 990 a month…to my knowledge fiber optic is pretty new so is it any good? the lady over the phone say min speed will be 8mb and up to 10mb any truth to that? right now I got adsl 12m and most of the time download is only 2m…only at middle of the night where no one is online it will be 12mb…anyone? should I sign up? actuallyI called and faxed them my info already…but before I signed the paper I can cancel it eh? TIA I am in northern kaohsiung area.

Here is a threads with user feedback: … light=fttb

Regarding your speed problems please see here:

great, thansk a lot Rascal!!

sorry about the thread, go ahead and delete it if you like.