FIFA World Cup 2018


Yep it seems it was common to both teams. There were actually 50 players in the world cup that were born in France.
Two of the French team were foreign born.
Even then I think they are qualified to play but if they were just hoovering up players from Africa that would be weird.
France with its large population simply has a big advantage , same as other countries in Europe with large populations .


I think generally speaking, threads about sports have not been that popular on Forumosa in the past. We could easily start one about the NBA. I would add my three pennies all the time…


I have a whole jar. Just saying. Fuck LeBron.


All of them were born and raised in France except for Umtiti who was born in Cameroun, parents moved to France when he was 2 years old.

Honestly this French team is as French as the NFL teams are American. That’s why I don’t get the controversy…


Cos from outside it almost looks like an African team.
When you look into the details, it’s not.
One strong factor for France though is that those top players could declare for other countries but don’t because their heritage countries are mostly if not all crap.


Done, bring it on!


That’s an interesting post, but I believe those who play for their country of origin, do because they are not good enough to play for France. Simple.


And would you say the Jackson Five don’t look American?


When I think European I don’t think African looking .

Sue me.


OK, my people will be in touch.


I think an NBA thread would be neat. Not sure if we should wait for the regular season, or start shitposting now during the summer league.

Summer league = low energy = SAD


You can post in the brand-new official NBA thread now.


When you look at Athletics, it is a very different issue, there were plenty of athletes from African countries who got the French or British nationality to compete at the Olympics. Those athletes never were French or British, they got a passport that would allow them to be helped by a “rich” federation , in exchange of that these federations believed it could help France/UK to get more medals. Win/win deal :smiley:


yeah, Zola Budd and Chris Froome. :sunglasses:


France, the aftermath:

cars torched, 845
shopping mall plundered, 1
children hit by motorcycle, 3
people arrested, 508

… yup, the WC was successful!


That sounds fun!


Malcontented Belgian Forumosans, 1


Belgians party peacefully!

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It is a bit irrelevant now, but I just disagree with that Penalty decision . Many , many pundits and referees also disagree with the decision, so I am not alone…My point is that it is not quite as “clear” as you imply , or there would be not as many professionals also questioning it. Unsighted, behind defender , coming down from a jump …where would you like him to put his arms? Nowhere near enough time to have such a fast reaction to push the ball away intentionally .