FIFA World Cup 2018

Hi soccer fans,
FIFA World Cup is going to start very soon and I wonder wether someone knows some good locations in Taipei to watch it with others. I think about nice sport bars or restaurants with telly or beamer. I guess there will be no public viewing as we know from Europe.

Also, I started collecting Panini stickers and look for others how want to swap with me.
Looking forward to here from you.

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Moinsen und willkommen auf Forumosa!

You are right, there is no such thing as public screening in Taiwan. We’ll watch it at home with friends. I recommend the On Tap they show the Bundesliga and premier league so chances are they will show the wm aswell.

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Maybe Brass Monkey, On Tap, Eddy’s, Patio84, Little London, My Place, and western style non chain restaurant and craft beer pubs might have it on. Can also search Google Maps for sports bars and then walk over to see.

Fei-Fan, you probably can’t wait for the Hamburg city matches next year, can’t you? :slight_smile:

And Kiel plays Bundesliga. Ha ha.

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@ Fei-Fan
ON TAP looks very good and it’s very close to were we live. I think its worth a trial.
Are you a St. Pauli supporter? We, my wife and I, have lived in Hamburg for many years and we are both members of the club and still own season tickets.

They’ll definitely have the games on and it’ll be packed

Hi Hannes, I think the HSV should stay in the league and we in ours :-).

Been a HSV fans since I was like 8, but I really hate watching them play like they have in the past few years. If they win the next two games they might stay in and Wolfsburg goes down. Fine with me. But I think the club needs to go through the 2. Liga and come back refreshed.

Think we should open a dedicated Hamburg soccer topic :slight_smile:

Also Carnegies, and for the Germany games, I would recommend Der Lowe Bavarian restaurant, which is very close by.

Right. ‘Der Lowe’ is on top of the list. Very nice there.

Well, that should go in the German forum then, and we could discuss in German too. Maybe a Fußball topic?

stupid question, how can I find the German forum?


Since I can watch them from a safe distance, of course.

I am. Since my early teens. Sadly my wife is not into Football. I tried to become a fan but to no avail.

I hope they will join our league. I don’t like the HIV but i hope they can sort out their problems in 2nd league

@Fei-Fan: As I mentioned. We, my wife and I, have lived in Hamburg (Sternschanze) for many years and we are both members of the club and still own season tickets. (Sorry @hannes) I don’t want to have St. Ellingen in “OUR” league :wink:

Fussball topic opened in the German forum. :sunglasses:

… And whats about my Panini stickers. Nobody here? :disappointed_relieved:

Unfortunately, nope. :sob:

Back in teh day, there wpuld be a giant screen say at Breeze Center. If they could put one say near ATT Fun, that would be the bee’s knees.

Blue Rooster Bistro Maji will show all games live from round 16 up.

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