FIFA World Cup 2018

Taiwan will win.

Yep. Taiwan #1.

I’m pulling for a dark horse champion in Belgium.

Taiwan is currently facing suspension from the World Cup for game fixing dating back to a friendly with Guam in 2016.

Taiwan is in the fifa wc 2018?

They are not in it-_-


No of course not, qualification for the following one. Possibly Asian Cup qualifying too.

Sorry, I meant “Chinese Taipei #1!”

No one mentioned Beer Geek for a place to watch games?

Recently saw an FB post and they are adding screens just for the increase in traffic for the World Cup.

Shh, we don’t want the riff-raff going there. The place can only hold about 40.

Gaucho will have the Argentina /Iceland game on. Make reservations early.
Maji Square
台北市中山區玉門街1號 (圓山花博 MAJI SQUARE 集食行樂廣場內

I’m looking for good options to watch. Considering the time of day, I’ll opt to watch at home. I seriously doubt any establishment will show the games live.

I’m just wondering what other fans are planning to do to watch the games.

thanks in advance.

Brass monkey will for sure, the local will also. I’m sure a bunch of bars will show them.

James Joyce bar in Gong Guan are gonna show all the games.

MOD or Gaucho or Eddie Cantina. We Latinos make noise.

Yes, should be fun, just hope it is ruined by VAR!

what is VAR?

This other thread same subject gives more info about locations.

I think it’s video-assisted referee. I think gregski is saying that he hopes the action remains continuous despite the ability of officials to halt everything and huddle up for minutes, awaiting a decision.

Shite. Neglected to mention I’m in Kaohsiung.