Hey does anyone have a phone number for Fifi’s? Cheers!


I don’t think they open till 6 PM though. Supposed to leave a message if you’re booking but I never trust the answering machine at lounge bars.

Nice place!

Edit: wait, that might be the number to the lounge. There’s Fifi and there’s W, that actually might be the number to W (the lounge). Maybe they can transfer you to the restaurant.

There is also another part to it on the Ground Floor, called Bamboo, (Same owners) where you can wait for a table upstairs, ( Japanese Grill style bar) Classy place!
Fifi’s is very popular and booking is advised, but during the week you can usually get a table with a short wait.
W lounge on the top floor is usually busy as well, I think that you can also get a limited food menu, place is nice, relaxed and friendly atmoshere, good music, there is even a balcony if you are in early enough!

Well worth a visit!

What’s on the menu?

Is that the trendy place around RenAi Road and FuXing South Road? The one across from RenAi Hospital?