Fight global a kangaroo? … 2003424786

Apparently Kangaroos fart a lot less then cattle and sheep and thus raising them for meat instead of the aforementioned would reduce green house gas? Brilliant !!

Maybe they are going to start a fart tax on humans too? Those that produce more gas pay up or else?

I take it you’ve not eaten kangaroo. Unsurprisingly they taste like vegetarian farts, as they cunningly recycle their flatulence back through their flesh in a vain attempt not to disturb their skittish peers with sudden back end trumpeting. It’s sort of cute, but not at all tasty.


:bravo: :bravo: :smiley:

Knew there had to be at least one catch

It’s a defence mechanism. Drop bears hate the taste of roo farts.


try googling THAT, sucka! :roflmao:

kangaroo: the venison of the south (unless you want real venison, which is also grown in the south now, in NZ)

Kangaroo jerky is tasty. Whenever I’m in Oz or have coworkers visiting there on business, I always get them to pick me up a packet.

think they’d be awfully chewy & gamey, what with the muscle-ey leggy bits…

I’m more of the “save a tree, eat a beaver” persuasion, personally.


I’m more of the “save a tree, eat a beaver” persuasion, personally.[/quote]

:astonished: So you’re a fan of Greenpeace girls then?