Filed but didnt pay yet

I filed my tax in May, but due to the shocking amount I have to pay (50,000) havent paid yet as I simply cant afford to right now…what are the repurcussions of this? Is it ok to pay before the end of the next tax year and would it affect me leaving Taiwan at all?

Thanks of anyone can help with this

You can pay by credit card, if you have one. Or in monthly installments, it doesn’t have to be a lump sum.

Better go to your local office and ask for mercy. They are actually quite flexible… as long as they get their NTs.

oh really…i didnt know you could do installments…i file in xindian where the tax woman is an ogre and a man hater. I 'll go and give it a try.

i forgot to ask…can you lave taiwan without fully paying the taxes provided you are returning? I heard some people get found out at the airport and take the bus ride of shame back to the city if they cant pay.