Filipino mechanic at Mitsubishi, Taitung City

A strange request i suppose. And moderators, please dont edit/move or otherwise make the post less useful.

I took my truck to you a fee months ago. Now the mitsubishi service center had changed companies and we took the truck there to do the 6 month check and they screwed us, moved the wires to break it so we go back. Typical low class mechanic.

Anyway. I liked your service and want to hire you privately. If you see thiz please message me with your phone number or line/email and we can get in touch.

Sorry if i remember the wrong name, but think it was Robert. On their payslips they called you the chinese version of Jack.

This is almost romantic. Maybe we need a missed connections sub forum…


“Dear Girl with Black Hair on the Bannan Line,

I saw you last Tuesday afternoon. You were sitting in a priority seat for some reason but never mind that. Your short black hair, polka dot socks and iPhone X case in the shape of a purse with a gold strap drew me in. The way you grimaced the entire time while flicking through Instagram (and not liking a single post) got me hooked. I could watch you watch makeup tutorial videos forever.

When you got up to get off at City Hall Station, and accidentally shoved me out of the way while simultaneously stepping on my foot with your heeled booties, I felt like the universe melted away and we shared the most beautiful moment together, just the two of us.

If you’re reading this, you can DM me here.

Waiting your reply,

Just a Sap in Love”


I’m just asking for a truck.

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Well judging by the content of modern American country music, a truck is where many a great romance begins (and ends).

This aint Merica and I aint no Merican. But i do love me some truckin. It needs to be fixed and maintained though and in this neck of the woods the machanics really suck unless its a farm machine.

So that’s why your trying to find him :banana:



No I’m not, he is.