Filipino singers

Is there a place (pub or hotel) that stage cool filipino singers or local singers. Not much of crowd, songs mostly of the sixties and seventies.

I have nostalgic moments of the Hyatt performance in Jakarta. They gt Filipino singers singing Dancing Queen every weekend starting from 9pm You can dance if you want and it’s of like a big crowd. You get your own seat and drinks.



There’s a filipino band in the Pizza Pub in the Lai Lai Sheraton, Ax.

Thanks Mark. What day and time do they stage performance?


If you’re dying to hear a Filipino rendition of Dancing Queen, then I hear the Plowman’s is the place to go. Not that I’d admit to having witnessed such a spectacle myself of course. :shock:

Tun Hua South Road, Lane 232, #8. Phone - (02) 8773-6306

I think that they perform every night from about 9pm, Ax. The members of the band are very friendly and they definitely do, ‘Dancing Queen’!


I believe aKSento or Klasiko Suprema is better than the one at LaiLai Sheraton. aKSento is now back at the Fountain Lounge.

There is a lady from the Philippine who sings every Friday night starting around 10pm at the Hilton Hotel on the second floor bar. She performs until about midnight. She is excellent! She can sing in several languages and she’s very good. There was a feature article on her several months ago in a local magazine.