Filtering water in Kaohsiung?

Hey everyone

Trying to find some legit info on filtering tap water in KH.

Will a brita do the job? Does it NEED to be boiled or is this an outdated tradition?

Is there even any point without using a reverse osmosis filter?

Is a brita boil combo going to make me sick?

Looking for substantial answers rather than old wives tales if possible and really appreciate any responses!

Supposedly and I can only base it on local tales since I have no equipment to test the water, the south water has a lot of chemical from industry and that is something a Brita won’t help with. This why locals buy bottled water or RO water.

Kaohsiung water is pretty scary. Pingtung is too.

I would RO, though some friends tested that even and wasn’t awesome. Distillation then a filter might be an idea too, but generally the water for drinking comes from mountains the aboriginals pipe down to collecting tanks. Treatment after that you likely will never actually know. I usedDto just get my own from the mountain and boil/Brita, but I always lived near the mountains.

Added note. I also have never doneEsomething like teat my blood, organs or other tissue for heavy metals. Might be an.eye opener for most of us long timers.