Finally found a fix for "Mascne" - Fighting acne during COVID

Have only been in Taiwan for almost three months now, and have had some problems with acne here that I never had back in the US. I also teach as a job here, and I wear a mask the entire time while teaching. I finally figured out that my acne was driven largely by me wearing a mask and that wearing one for extended periods was really messing with my pores. My face also just seems to get more oily here for some reason, even with a good diet.

After trying myriad things, ranging from no sugar, to no alcohol, to facial washes at night…I finally figured out a simple solution that has worked for me. I feel almost like a salesman here but…

Gatsby facial wipes. They can be found near the men’s shaving section at Carrefour. Maaybe can be found at PX Mart.

I use them in between my classes, as well as before going to bed at night. Acne has basically dissappeared. I struggled with this issue for a while now, and I seem to have finally found a solution, so I thought it right to share this info with anyone struggling currently with acne caused by doing something they cannot avoid right now – wearing a mask.


Thanks. I have a nephew who struggles with acne. I’ll have him try them out.

Adult acne and teenage acne is very different , I use the Neem anti acne cleanser, which does the trick. I only was my face twice a day not more. I keep everything as natural as possible.

Yes, but he’s already using two prescription creams. Maybe these wipes could help a little.

Thanks for the post. I got some for my son. Nothing else seems to work well. I also saw small packs at 7-11 but not the acne type.
Oh, and couldn’t find them near the shaving section at the Carrefour I went to. They were next to the engagement supplies and devices :smile:

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Nice euphemism there :laughing:

I hope it works for him. Mileage may vary. I can say anecdotally it has been great for me though. Hoping for the best.