Finally got a girl

after being here for 2 months and counting i managed to get my self a girlfriend. Now its a serious relationship first one for me. She is 19 to I havent meet her parents yet not sure if its a good idea she keeps saying that she wont tell them about me for a while why is this? I think its cause I am an ugly ass forigner and I know it to but I am no tourist I am working 8 to 10 hours a day and I have money to but she keeps saying to wait wtf. But its real insteresting when we go out cause people stare at us and every once in a while grandma or grandpa will call her a whore :frowning:

I don’t know you, but any reason to drink to the health and cheer of another Forumosan, I’ll do that the first chance I get. Maybe even at Alleycat’s tonight… another first for me.

Congrats mate :smiley:!

why the hell would you want to meet the parents? if this is your first gf here chances are you’ll do all the wrong things for the right reason and vice versa, get chewed up and spat out somewhere down the line, go away, lick your wounds, then get back on that mule. be sure to keep us posted every step of the way…

She is 19 and you are how old?
How can it be serious if you just “got” her? Meet the parents?
Get a grip, son.

Let’s not all rain on the guy’s parade today… it’s still Tuesday! :hubba:

And that bothers you? :loco: It is completely normal for a Chinese/Taiwanese girl of that age to not introduce her boyfriend to her parents. Considering how young she is (by Taiwanese standards), it may be years before her parents even learn of your existence, much less actually meet you. If I were single and dating a 19 year old Taiwanese girl (and you will probably soon learn that she is not as mature as the average 19 year old back home), I would run like hell if she wanted to introduce me to her parents. In Taiwanese society, that kind of suggestion from a 19 year old female would indicate some sort of mental disorder.

Gsm, what some of these guys are telling you is correct. If she introduces you to her parents, you’d better be ready to marry her. Doing so carries much more meaning than it does back home.

Just chill and enjoy the relationship. You’re not likely to get married, so don’t worry about meeting the folks.

People objecting to mixed race relationships is nothing new, in any country. You can’t change bigots. Just let them wallow in their misery.

Well done! Now bring her down to Alleycat’s for some pizza. :smiley:

You have been lonely for a long time and are now clinging on to the idea of this girl like a drowning man to a life raft. Relax. We all die alone.

No, I plan on taking my wife with me. Where is my medication?

I am 25 years old I forgot to mention how old i am. I also know that she is not lying cause I saw her student ID card for her school to make sure she wasnt 17 and lying :smiley:

We all know the relevant question here. Does she… … … cook?

Forget these nay sayers. I offer my congrats for getting laid.

Welcome to the club sexually transmitted diseases, pregancy scares, and after sex clean up.

Enjoy and prosper.

LOL no sex until we are married her parrents will hunt me down if i do

A true romantic. I offer you my congrats on finding true love then. May you find many more platonic friends on Taiwan.

Hmmm, although these posts sound like a bit of a send-up, it’s a harmless enough one if that’s so. And on the off chance that it’s all for real, I’m willing to play along for a while.

So, then, I’m delighted to hear your good news, gsm. You must savour your new-found happiness to the full, and I hope you’ll share all the ups and downs with us here on this forum as it plays out.

You must be bursting to tell us all about the girl, so fire away. What does she look like, what’s her personality, and what are her interests and pastimes? Where did you meet, what attracted you to her, who made the first move, and what did you do for the first date? How often are you seeing each other, and what do you usually do together? Spill it all out, plus any other details about yourself, your situation, the girl, and so on that might help us see the whole picture of this delightful budding romance. :slight_smile:

GSM, 1. Good work fella. Always nice to have a lady in toe. :bravo:
2. NO SEX? Thats not on. She aint a Christian?
3. I was kept a secret from my g’f’s parents for a year. I drove me nuts. I felt “whats so shameful about me?” Now of course I have days when i wish they still didnt know about me. If you love her, accept what she asks with regard to the parents thing. After all, you will acceot that you cant put your ‘dingaling’ in its natural home.
4. Some old guy stopped his scooter yesterday to tell us what an abbhoration our coupling is. I politely told him, in chinese, to go home and fuck his dog. Of course I was in the wrong. The correct answer is “Racism is wonderful and makes my daily life feel full of satisfaction. Thank you for sharing your intolerant views with us. We shall certainly break up and marry into our own species”
Chill gsm, when she tells them, you will certainly wish she hadnt! (Intrusion into life etc)

[quote=“superking”]2. NO SEX? Thats not on. She aint a Christian?

Christians fuck too. Look at the Philippines…

This is just Omni-speak for “Where are the naked pictures?”

So? Where are they? And lets have none of that soft-focus nonsense, either.

Imagine that, someone actually has morals and isn’t afraid of saying it!