Finally reporting for military conscription...for 12 days


So I’ve been avoiding military conscription doing visa runs and switching from US to ROC passports for the last 3 years so I can work. One interesting thing I recently found out is that there is a way for you to only have to do 12 days.
My mother has been sick, stage 3 breast cancer on both sides. And someone recently told me that if one of your parents is sick enough currently or within 5 years. and you are the only son, you can qualify for a special military conscription that only requires 12 days. Just thought I put this info out there for anyone that has a sick parent residing in Taiwan and is worried about military conscription.

Military Conscription for Overseas Chinese?

Keep us updated on this, sounds interesting.


Someone told you? :ponder:
Are you sure this information is reliable?

P.S.: I’m sorry about your mother. Family sickness is never easy to deal with.


I reported and my medical check up is next month. So yeah, I don’t know the exact qualifications. But I believe is that if you are the only son and your parent has to be consider sick enough. I know in some cases like you are the only person supporting your family you can avoid any military conscription.


Sorry to hear about your mother, Andrew. Hope all goes well.

As for the 12 days, sounds like a new line of Taiwan Beer. A friend, who’s also an only son, also did 12 days military service. This would not sound crazy if he was turning 18 or 19 this year, but he will be turning 30. I’ll ask him what’s up and add whatever I learn.


The people who do the special taks -not military- AFAIK, have college degrees. The plush jobs need connections/pedigree -sons of officials. Tasks range but yes, include taking care of the elderly, paper delivering, computer fixing, hosts in museums and basically, everything else they can think of so gummit does not have to spend money.

I know a pal was teated with care because he was an Overseas Taiwanese, married with children, and ended up in the Army.His superiors would prevent him from performing certain tasks, saying it was too dangerous. So it stands to logic that there would be previsions for special cases.

It is important though to read the fine print. There are certain rights that serving provides, and it seems if you do the specil stuff you do not get the full reward. Do ask throughly.


So I’ve done the physical and got approved to do only 12 days after they interviewed my mom and saw medical reports of her cancer treatment. I just need to randomly select which branch to go to.


Great news. Any special paperwork?
Have you been on a TARC? Does this mean you will be getting your ROC ID card soon?


No I have a ROC ID. I’ve just been making visa runs with my US passport because I didn’t know this was an option until someone told me they made a special case for only sons with a parent with serious illness.

Most of the paperwork I had help from whatever office I went to. It seems they have many people like me who can’t read and write that well from living overseas for a long time so they were pretty good about helping me with the paper work when I explained my situation. I can speak but I just can’t really write much.


Glad to hear about that. Compassion is rare, glad to hear it was applied.


Thanks for the update Andrew, seems like this could be an option I can look into when the time comes.

This definitely sheds some light for those coming back to Taiwan from overseas that want to immigrate.