Find it All in Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Tainan (no joke)

If you need something, find it.

If you know of something, submit it.

Your thread title and website list only three cities but the site states “Our goal is to list all businesses in Taiwan that can provide English service to foreigners.” Will you be adding Taipei to the list anytime soon?

Taipei already has everything! :smiley:

From the purple bloated prose I managed to force my way through, the chief editor appears to be a hairy transvestite with a penchant for dressing up in schoolgirl uniform.
I wonder exactly what kind of “xpat” this magazine is designed to cater to. :laughing:
I also noticed that they’re seeking highly qualified managers to work for up to 15 hours PER WEEK! – get this – for nothing. In addition to that, they’re expected to sell advertising, also unpaid, I presume. Weird stuff indeed.

Goddamn… the needle on my bullshitrometer went wacky all of a sudden… strange.


Nothing to see here…keep moving…

Carry on … working for free, make your boss some money … that’s how rich people get richer …

No bullshit here boys.

To answer the above questions/comments above:

  1. Dragonbones:
    We plan to add Taipei when we start distributing the magazine in Taipei. But since right now, I (the owner and Editor-in Chief) sell and design all the ads, manage the design of the magazine, write a ton of purple bloated prose, edit all of the same, gather listings of English language businesses, and do the web design, I don’t have the time to come and sell ads in Taipei. If and when I can find somebody to help me out in Taipei you the magazine will appear in local hangouts and we will add listings for Taipei. Ditto for the East Coast.

  2. Sandman, Salvatore, Belgian Pie
    Unfortunately all-English Magazine’s in Taiwan don’t make much money. Actually, they usually lose money. 24*seven recently stopped publishing. Taiwanease is taking a break. I think that financially, Xpat is actually doing better than the others, but that means that we’re barely doing more than breaking even. So, yes, the Taipei Manager would be expected to work in most respects for free. Well, not totally for free. We’re all doing this because we can beef up our resume’s with great titles and experience. A recent business grad who just showed up on the island would do well, I think, to add General Manager of a magazine to his or her resume. Hell, right now I work nearly 40hrs per week for free just to call myself an Editor in Chief.

Of course, when we start making a reasonable profit it will be split between regular employees according to their contribution. And all ad sales pay a commission (and always have).

So, if you know anybody business-minded and motivated please let 'em know about us. In the meantime I hope you’ll all check out the online version at I really recommend that you download the pdf versions of the issues. We have some very good designers, artists, and photographers working on this and the issues look great.


Really? I didn’t know that. Taffy, is this true? :frowning:

Really? I didn’t know that. Taffy, is this true? :frowning:[/quote]

Kind of, it’s not doom and gloom though. See this post for details. I’ve lots of interesting stuff lined up for the next issue…