Finding A Chinese Tutor

What is the best way to go about finding someone to tutor me on Chinese (specifically interested in conversation style and tones practice)? I’m not really looking for a language exchange, I’m really interested in having an experienced teacher work with me to improve my pronunciation and stuff. Also what is the going rate for this sort of 1 on 1 practice?

I am paying 800NT an hour (I usually go 90 mins).
She is a tutor fluent in English and has spent a few years in Australia (which is helpful for me). She also comes to my work so I can get in some lessons before I start - which is very convenient.
Her appointment book seems very full - which is probably a good sign and all her bona fides are in order.

Which is also a good sign.

I met my tutor in Taiwan on Tealit. He was clueless at first but we became (and remain) very good friends. In Shanghai I worked with one our interns who was happy to get the extra cash. Am interested in the online learning option - is there a link for that?

You could try contacting the various university Chinese language departments near you to see if any of their teachers are willing/available to make some cash on the side for private tutoring.

Or, if you know anybody currently attending a program, have them ask around.

Currently paying 600/hr for a great teacher. Only downside is using loud coffee shops instead of a quiet classroom … but that adds to the realism :slight_smile:

I found my tutor (now a close friend; she quit teaching to do medical training). She asked for 250 an hour, I paid her a lot more after I realised how good she was. She was ‘conditioned’ by her training at first, but we began to get on great. Found her on tealit. It’s weird because it’s the only time I’ve ever really bothered with tealit.

In the end, I couldn’t really be bothered to study and she didn’t really want to teach because of health problems, so it descended into LE and Taipei food tourism…

She was great because she didn’t use books. Not in an ‘I have no idea what I’m doing and let’s just learn conversation’-kind of way, though. She would look at the books I had to pinch the core syllabus and then she’d create her own stuff that was interesting. She also made me do assignments; not just essays; we did field trips and she would tell me phone up x and ask about y. She made me write alternate film script endings, such as a happy ending for ‘Raise The Red Lantern’ and essays about British history and culture. I still remember how much I ‘enjoyed’ those.

When I met her, I’d done most of PAV Chinese book 3, but I still got confused when anyone spoke to me fast. She had me speaking and understanding ‘fluently’, though probably not perfectly in no time.

She’s a total genius and got nearly full marks, or something crazy on TOEFL.

I miss her a lot.

A new website is offering experienced native Chinese tutors based in Taiwan. Lessons take place over our patented Digital Samba e-learning platform with whiteboard, video and chat. Lessons are also available on Skype and in person. Individualized lessons at affordable rates. Free language exchange and forums.

It’s the future! I dunno. I just don’t see the point. Never lived in a town where people didn’t want to teach me Chinese for free or to get LE, to be honest.

I’d also hate to teach on one of those sites. It just seems pointless; clunky technology for no real reason.

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Especially in reading, conversation, writing, speaking,
The best new is all of these things are free,
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Here’s my suggestions
1.Get your self-learning by videos.There are many Chinese pronunciation teaching videos online and you can also watch Chinese tv series to learn Chinese. Many Chinese people do this to learn English and Korean.
2.If you really want to have a tutor, I suggest to learn online. Many online Chinese teaching website can offer 1-on-1 teaching and you can get the record so you can review it again and again.I learn my business Chinese on just considering that I have no regular time per week to get an offline course. If you want, you can get a free trail there.
3.I think learning Chinese ,especially the oral Chinese, you’d better find local Chinese to make friends.Though the Chinese teacher are local ,don’t forget that they’re teachers so they will take care of you to make you understand.You can make some friends on QQ,WEchat. :slight_smile:

Where can Chinese tutors be found these days? I’ve been through TEALIT not much luck. Are there online listings or apps?

there are many resource online you could find

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I’m not sure how I found this two year old post but here goes…

iTalki has tutors who are supposedly verified, and a lot who are not.You can also find people for ordinary language exchange.

That’s all. Anything like HelloTalk or Tandem can work but I find a lot of people treat it like a dating app (while they treat Tinder like a language exchange app). But if you’re patient you can find people who genuinely want to do language exchange.

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