Finding a home for Gypsy

A little stray pup followed me home about two weeks ago. We’ve fed her up and she’s looking a lot better. She appears to be house-trained (not a single poop or a drop of pee anywhere, not even overnight) and is very friendly. The neighbourhood cat often looks in on her (she doesn’t even seem to notice!) and she likes kids but won’t approach unless called. She’s a very sweet little pup that likes long walks, bones and tummy rubs. We’re not able to take her in and so we’re looking for a home for Gypsy. Please PM me for photos as I haven’t figured out how to upload photos. Any other advice or help for finding her a new home would also be greatly appreciated. We’re in Taichung. Thanks.

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Gypsy’s been spayed and has had her first vaccination since I last posted. We’ll be taking her for her next lot of shots in the next couple of weeks. She’s learnt to sit on command (took about three minutes!) as well as some other cute tricks, usually in exchange for some crunchy treats! We’re urgently looking for a home for Gypsy so please let me know if you, or someone you know, is able to give Gypsy some love and a home.