Finding a House Cleaner or Babysitter

As a foreigner, how can I hire somebody to come to my apartment once a week (or fortnight) for a few hours and do some basic cleaning? And same for babysitters?

I keep hearing that TW’s laws about hiring people are very strict and heavily enforced. In the USA and Hong Kong this is a pretty simple arrangement.

The info I see on this forum seems pretty old and mostly has suggestions for things under the table or people “looking the other way.”

Are there cleaning agencies I can go through that’ll spare me the legal hassle?

We can probably find friends (who are Taiwanese) to babysit, but is this technically the same thing as hiring, and faces the same strict regulations?

I’m not looking for a domestic helper. All I want to do is get some occasional help around the house, enjoy a night out with my wife, and not face a steep fine or deportation.

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that is if you hire a foreigner who needs work permit.

That’s great to hear. Any Expat/English friendly places to find people?

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I always use these cleaners: Redirecting...

Used them for three years now with no problems. About $1000 for 2 hours but will depend how many ping/how intense of a clean you need.

Yes, you can. It’s the same as hiring a plumber or handyman. Just make sure they can legally work in Taiwan.

If you happen to live in Kaohsiung, I can recommend a good Taiwanese cleaner who speaks good English.

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That sounds enticing, I would like to use my extra hours during weekend, if this only requires basic cleaning and babysitting for few hours.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll check out that link. I’m not in Kaohsiung.

Are you in Taichung or Tainan?