Finding a job in Yilan?

Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems it’s one of the harder cities to get one. Is it even possible?? :rofl:

You should probably specify in the title that you are looking for a teaching job. Easier to spot than the category.

Nothing on usual channels? 1111, etc.


Any teaching job that gives work permit and accept associates.

Did you check tealit? They’re been posting soooooo many jobs lately, though I didn’t really check locations

The ghost town is back from the dead?

I mean, no, but there used to be maybe one page of postings, many of them many months old, but now there’s more than three pages?

Only Hess and Shane… I want to move but not into misery lol. I messaged reach to teach but got no reply. :confused:

I only see one job in Yilan. I could be searching wrong.

If you’re licensed, try contacting the MOE? Foreign teachers hired from abroad are still not allowed in, so they might have a position for you

You can’t be licensed with an associate’s degree. I’ve been in Taiwan for a hot minute.

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