Finding a new apartment in Taipei questions

Hey, so i’ve basically just secured my first job. I’m looking for a studio apartment in Taipei close to the Blue Line where I work. I’m wondering what the best way to go about finding a studio would be? So far i’ve only seen Facebook groups. Is there a better way to find one than this?

Is there anything I should look out for when looking for a place? i’ve been reading some posts here about mould showing up after a few weeks or things breaking and I assume the landlord won’t pay for this?

If there was some sort of emergency and I had to leave Taiwan, is it normal to simply find another Tennant to fill my positon or will I lose my deposit either way?

There are a few listings found on websites foreigners frequent, but the best is the Chinese-only

I would probably find a Taiwanese friend to help you navigate the website and look at pics and help negotiate with you if you are new to the country.

You would have to negotiate with your prospective landlord if he or she will allow breaks in the contract due to emergencies. Some are nice, some just want money.

Newer houses get less mould. I usually run the dehumidifier for about an hour or two a day to minimise mould.


If you browse it with Chrome it’s quite practical to use the translate feature

I wouldn’t know. I can read the site.

I haven’t looked for Taipei apartments in 2 decades, but there used to be neighborhood bulletin boards and signs in windows. That’s how we got most of our apartments, or through friends of friends.

Does anyone know if Tsui Mama is still a thing?

Most rental agreements have sections on ending the lease early and for damage deposits. Ours always stipulated fees for early termination.

It is. But I’ve always used because I just like dealing with landlords directly.

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