Finding an apartment around BanQiao

Today I secured a job down near YongNing station and so I’m interested in moving to around BanQiao. I was taken to one place by a real estate agent and it was near BanQiao station but seemed pretty expensive at 12,000NT and it wasn’t very nice. I’m not sure if this area is expensive but I do want to live in an area that is reasonably nice with some decent restaurants and not an area like YongNing where it seemed a bit dirty and industrial. I also want to be close to the MRT. Does anyone know any areas not too far from YongNing that aren’t expensive and suit what I’m looking for?

Not sure if this helps but I’m also looking at not sharing my apartment unless my room comes with an ensuite. Also I need a kitchen or it can be a shared kitchen.

Don’t give up on Banqiao after seeing just one place. There are lots of apartments out there. You should be able to find something near Fuzhong, Banqiao, or Xinpu station that suits your needs.

Also, FWIW, although Tucheng is indeed for the most part awful and I think you’re right not to want to live there, within walking distance of Yongning there are trails into the nearby mountains. So you don’t have to resign yourself to nothing but grit and industry even there.

You are exactly right. Yes, there are som detriments near Youngning, but soooo many good things too. Fresh air, a nice breeze, great friendly people and CHEAP
Live in Tianmu. Great place. Expensive, old, dirty and elitist
I am happy here in Yongning; “redneck country”.

I lived in Tucheng before and would do it again. Better than the middle of Banchiao. Has a more interesting topography. Rents have been going up in Banchiao in the last 3 years anyway. FuZhong area has some decent shopping, though.

If you lived in Sanxia you would be able to take a regular bus to Yonging. About 15 minutes. Nice area.