Finding suppliers for export

Hi folks,

I’m looking for manufacturers for export to the US. I’ve been getting in touch with a lot of them thanks to the web site. Are there any other good sources of information for finding suppliers? I’m currently looking for blank DVD-R/DVD+R media but will be branching out to USB memory dongles and video equipment in the future, so any general resources will be helpful, including any import/export organizations that are worth getting in touch with.

Work here in taiwan doing sourcing for all kinds of manufacturing in china and Taiwan. I am always looking for new partners that have products then need sourced. contact me or call me at
0917 999 314

Hi-tech stuff:
Eurotrade Magazine

Lo-tech stuff:
Infotrade Media

Global Sources

There seems to be many ppl doing sourcing here. Interesting. I would also look into industry association web sites, etc. but often that’s in Chinese, so I hope you read the local lingo as well.