FindTaxi, the Uber, but not Uber, taxi app

Hey everyone, just sharing an alternative to Uber and the other big taxi company apps in Taiwan.

Just like Uber, you sign up with your e-mail and can input your credit card info if you would like. Unlike the other big taxi company apps, this one comes in English AND has some pretty good UI.

The rates are how much normal taxis are and you get no extra discount for using the app!

Filters for the car include no smoking, reservation, new car, English speaking, micro moving, tour guide and even karaoke. Other filters include paying by cash, credit card or even your Easy card.

The great thing about FindTaxi is that the driver AND passenger get ratings! Both the driver and the passenger both receive notifications once they have been reviewed. So, drivers can actually see your rating and decide to accept your “call”.
I am under the impression that with Uber, the passenger gets rated, but the passenger never gets to see their rating.

Hope the above was helfpul!


Uber app does give the capability of seeing the passenger’s rating.


You can see your rating, its in one of the Help items. Have to request it manually but the response is instant.

Since a few weeks in the new Uber version you see your rating as soon as you open the side bar. Your rating is directly under your name.

Thanks for clarifying guys.

I’ve updated my OP.

Anyone used FindTaxi APP or these other services via FindTaxi app? You can see on the map who is around the area that provides the services. Similar to Uber map seeing the driver locations.

micro moving
cargo shipping
languages of driver like English and Japanese
chartered services with tour guide
wifi access
jump start
tourist guide
van with 9 seats
karaoke on board
wheelchair friendly
female driver

i think they need to up their branding by including betel nut girl drivers, with the appropriate attire, of course

That comes under the “tourist guide” option.

I remember years ago when a client came into Taipei, that he said he wanted to see the betel nut stands, as they had been kicked out of Taipei City a long time ago (no thanks to CSB).
So, on the day the driver picked him up, we told the driver to take the back roads route to Taoyuan airport and to not take the main freeway. Ha ha. He got back to the head office and thanked us for this cultural experience.

Does anyone use this?

Looks like uber recently raised their prices a lot - I’m seeing around a 35-45% increase from my normal trips that I take.

Guess I’m going back to taxis!

That’s cause the government strongarmed uber cause the Binlang chewing taxi drivers complained. It was unfortunate. Uber was competitive and had nicer cars.

Yeah - my mandarin also blows donkey dong so it was nice to just put in the address and not worry about showing taxi many phone and screenshot of address and just hope he doesn’t fleece me. Also - finding a taxi that doesn’t smell like an old ashtray is tough.

Ah well - the pendulum will swing back (hopefully).

I use Findtaxi occasionally but usually have to wait so just quicker to walk and find a taxi. Unless I’m in a remote spot with few taxis in area.

Taxis respond but they could be 20 minutes away when there are many taxis much closer.

It almost seems like they’re bringing a current customer to near your destination so projecting ahead to pick you up next. Good for them but bad for you to wait when there are other taxis closer.

But everyone here was so happy about it.

Guess not now.