Fine tune your Mandarin Accent

I can help you with Mandarin pronunciation only if you really want to learn.

If you are satisfied with your cute indifferenticated tones of your Chinese, then you can skip this post RIGHT NOW.

If you seriously want to drop your original accent in your Chinese, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to know me.

I have excellent knowledge of the International Alphabet Pronunciation.

 (one school year credits taken from NTU)
 (I have a degree from NTU and have taken
  two school years from Chinese/English
 (I also made meself to pass the entrance 
  exam to NTU 3 times within 9 years, my basic
  Chinese education is much stonger than 
  average; all my teachers agree on that) 
 (Abundant teaching experiences -- more than 
  20 years)
 (easy accent to understand in English; All 
  Americans I met last year in Europe gave me 
  the comment of 'beautiful accent')

$500 per hour

I estimate that working through the entire spelling system should take 3 to 5 hours.

Then you need to do more practicing on your own.

Of course, you can listen to my intonation before making the decision to hire me or not!

I live in Taipei, work as an office lady at this moment. Be free on weekends.

Yeh, Ching Chi
0921 600 004 (available after 22:00, before 08:30)


knowledge exchangable if you can show me how to play internet radio( Paris/ Spain/ Italy classical programs)
/ write personized data base
/ build up a personal website, which allows me to add texts freely
/ find the 訴 狀 (verdication reports)in English version
/correct my each single English mistakes
/If you are from Frace or Italy and can teach me French or Iatlian to a degree that i can read novels and talk to locals in a style that i feel free to express myself
/If you are from Spain and can teach me Spanish (for opera lines are enough)