Fire in Taipei Hospital, Xinzhuang


K-man’s on the job. Already two glaring errors found; no smoke extraction equipment and no one thought to close the doors after they evacuated the original room where the fire was.


Reports I saw were saying 14 without life signs, guess they would have all died if it wasn’t in a hospital with the instant first aid.


Wow…Taipei Hospital is just a stone’s throw from my work place…RIP to those that lost their lives in this terrible tragedy :disappointed_relieved:


I hate when they say that because it means they pulled someone through…who will remain as a vegetable most likely. But since there is a chance of life, a fight must be fought.


Yea I guess it depends on how much lack of oxygen to the brain and for how long I suppose. Certainly is tragic for this to happen in a hospice.


By its very nature, it has to be a very enclosed space. Elderly people become disoriented and try to “escape”.

Moreover, most are house in old buildings no one wants. And as seen most do not have some safety measure we would deem basic.


An electric blanket in August though…


My ex roomamte set the AC at 17 and used a thick goosefeather down blanket. Gustos, colores.

Elderly people need more blankets as their body has less heat regulation. But as said, it was an electric bed, the ones hospitals use that lift/lower the patients.


News report I saw was talking about a 電動床 that caught fire.

No electric blanket involved.


Ah, well, if it was a 電動床 then everything is clear. Except perhaps what 電動床 means :smiley:


Whatever dude, you could try keeping the jokes to threads that aren’t about people who passed away this morning.


I wonder what would happen if they followed a basic fire safety code?


That’s crazy talk right there.


Calm down and mourn.


BBC article says

“The BBC’s Cindy Sui in Taipei says fires are common in Taiwan where fire prevention measures are not strictly enforced.”


They do. It is the code that sucks, for starters. Then enforcement. Then going above and beyond for hospitals, schools and workplaces with over 1000 souls in them.


Hospitals in Kiwiland have double door systems and the doors are designed to be unable to remain open. This ensures smoke is contained.


Does anyone here know what to do in case of fire? I remember at school we had game/drills for tornados and quakes and fires. Do kids here, in the 14 hours they spend at school, take 20 minutes for that? I don’t think so. My heart breaks every time I see people ran to teh bathroom. If they get locked up in a balcony it is more understandable, they were looking for an exit. But no one has a plan in case of. And that is at home. How many drills does your workplace have a year? In the ol country there should be one per year if the staff is more than 1000 people. Estc ad nauseum. A hospital should be like a military base when it comes to safety.